Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baking Magic

Okay, well maybe it wasn't actually magic. Maybe it was actually chemistry. But still.

Today I walked by my pantry and saw 4 jars of peanut butter. That's right 4. Who even does that? We do. We are a peanut butter loving family. I also saw baking chocolate in the cupboard and thought to myself, "Self, you are going to make some peanut butter and chocolatey goodness today." And that is precisely what I did.

Took photographic evidence too of course :)

 Vintage Pyrex mixing bowl!

The apron is one I made for myself 2 years ago. When I was little I always wanted a pinafore like the one Alice wore in Alice and Wonderland......Only with more ruffles (hence my blog name, I always wants more ruffles!) This apron blends perfectly my love of Alice, 40's fashion, ultimate girliness, and baking.

I wish you could taste these through the screen. Absolutely divine. When I took a bite I made lots of noises and said "ohmygosh". That is when you know a recipe is a keeper.

Stay tuned for Norway trip post! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Summer Abroad

Well, hello!

Fancy meeting you here. No, really, you still come around this place? I feel like it is the internet equivalent of an old, dusty corner of an attic where no one goes and has not seen the light of day for more than 20 years. Or maybe that is just me being dramatic

Either way, I have spent my summer far and away, but now am settled back into more or less of a routine. For the chunk of my time spent away, I was in Las Vegas visiting my sister, Nikki (and my adorable new baby niece Charlotte). While is Las Vegas we also went to Arizona, near Phoenix, to visit my other sister, Jaime. And we also took a trip down to San Diego.

My sister's and I. Jaime on the left, Nikki on the right. Charlotte being cute.

 World's Tallest Thermometer in Baker California!

Hiking in Mt. Charleston (yes, this picture may have been the best one lol)

Sunset on the beach in San Diego :)

Me at a nightclub in Las Vegas (it's XS at Wynn...literally the # 1 nightclub in the world!)

I had tons of fun with my sisters! Going to the nightclub was actually really fun. I am usually the sit at home and read a book, or curl up with Netflix and a cup of tea type, but going out was nice for a change! I lot of people started talking to me, and I met some pretty interesting characters to say the least.

You will note a lack of vintage wardrobe in the post. That is because, despite all the lovely travel tips I have gotten from other lovely blogger ladies (including: Traveling Vintage by JaneyVacation Wardrobe by Frances, and lots of other lovely posts I to lazy to...track down) I just didn't feel up to it this time. Next time I have a trip I might try it (at least with some things) but when I am on vacation mode, I don't feel like doing a whole lot of laundering. 

I did manage to make a vintage top right before I left though :)

It's a vintage swimsuit top that seemed like a perfect summer top! I used a vintage pillow case, some lace, and red buttons. 

I also went to somewhere else this summer....NORWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

More on that in another post though! I will try to do some more vintage outfit/inspiration posts in the meantime. To lure people back in to reading this for what it was originally intended, then bam! Make them read about my fabulous trip to Norway Muaahahahahahah! It's foolproof I tell you. Only now I am a fool because I just told you. Blast! My plot has been foiled. Oh well. I trust at least someone will still be around.

Ta-Ta for now! 
Abbi :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where In the World is Carmen San Diego?

Okay, so I am not Carmen San Diego. I am Abbi, but still, I just love saying that.

Anyways....I could (and fully intend to) give you all of the reasons (excuses) that I have been M.I.A. around these parts for almost 5 months. Gosh, written out that sounds like an incredibly long time. So, prepare yourself for a bit of a catching up. I warn you, this may be heavy on the words, but you will be rewarded with pictures at the end! Of a vintage style play suit I made and cake. So good. It shouldn't be missed. Without further ado, my explanation (cue your internal voice talking like Ricky Racardo, saying "Lucyyyy, you have some splainin to dooo!")

First off, the winter was like super intensely horrendous. Temps below 0 F? NO THANK YOU. Plus, my mother usually does pictures, and she absolutely detests cold weather of any sort. I also had my break and I wanted it to be a true break, but when I started back with school I had less free time than I did last semester. Also, I totally failed a class. Math, you are the bane of my existence I have never failed a class before, so this is a new thing for me. I hate it. I go through phases of hating and loving school, but why do they have to make me feel bad for not knowing what a differential equation...or how to find the linear speed of a circular saw...What even is that?! I can bake a chocolate cake that would make you swoon, and sew myself a whole entire dress, and identify nearly every plant in my area...but since I can't do math I will not be a success. Ugh. Lame. And there are a lot of other reasons. Likes dates with boys. So, there's that. 

Okay, so that wasn't so long now was it? Hopefully I get back into the swing of things. This play suit was part me and part my mom.. I made the top for the Sew for Victory Challenge. My mom made me these shorts a few months ago from a vintage pattern and I thought I would make a matching top for a play suit! I used Simplicity 1426  which is a 1950's reprint. It was very simple and quick.

Isn't is cute?

And here is the cake. So good. So very. very good.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Finals Week

So, this is the end of my first semester at OSU and finals started yesterday. Ugh. >,<

I had 2 finals yesterday, but luckily my first one was not til 6, so I had most of the day to study. I told myself that the more I tried to look nice, the more confident I would feel, thus helping me do well on my finals. Pipe dream, I know. Studying is really the only thing that helps.

 New favorite cardigan. Well old cardigan. Same thing.

Dancing on tables at the park is one of my favorite spare time activities.

I find myself wearing velvet again. Well, actually it's velveteen, but still.

It's just perfect for chilly weather. Plus, I am a really tactile person, so I like textures and soft things. And I just want you to know that after I typed that sentence I pictured in my mind a giant bowl of chilli filled with marshmallows  and kittens. Because chilly and soft things. LOL. Sorry, my brain is being dumb because it's trying hard to not fail finals.


50's black velveteen dress and 50's cardigan ~ Thrifted
Flats ~ Kohl's

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reaching Goals

A while back, I ordered a dress on Modcloth. It was actually almost a year ago because it was a fabulous winter clearance sale and every thing was like 50 or 70% off. There wasn't too much that I liked included in the sale (or left in my size) but an adorable raspberry number caught my eye. It looked like a modern 50's prom dress, so I went ahead and bought it and plus it was only 30 bucks! I looked at the sizing info and it said it ran small, so instead of getting an L or XL I ordered a 1X. I figured I could always take it in if was too big. After waiting on tenterhooks for a few days my dress finally arrived and I was so excited!!

That excitement was pretty short lived.

The dress was too small! Which is entirely ridiculous because I am usually between an L and an XL. The zipper would not even go up past my waist. I was really upset, but put it away in my closet pondering if I would ever be able to wear it. Well, I decided to get it out of my closet the other day and what do you know, it fit! I suppose losing 20 pounds is what did it. I was so excited that I will be able to wear it now. I thought it was funny that most college freshmen gain wait (you know, the dreaded "freshmen 15") but I somehow managed to lose 20 pounds. I think it is probably because I still live at home and pack my lunches.

Anyway I am super happy. I am, however, upset with the company that makes the dress. I mean seriously, I had to lose 20 pounds to fit into a dress that should have been too big on me! I am thinking that it was mislabeled or something because that would be the most ridiculous sizing in the universe.

So yay! This dress makes me feel half Grace Kelly and half Elizabeth Taylor which, I think, is a delightful combination. I need to go to fancy places more often, I have too many fancy clothes (well, actually there is no such thing).

Dress ~ Modcloth (Rock Steady)
Shoes ~ Kohl's
Necklace ~ Made by my sister

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day

Veterans day is, of course, very important to all of us because it's a day commemorating people who so selflessly defend our freedoms.

My father served for 27 years in the Army, and my brother Micah is currently overseas. I am so proud of both of them!

Today I thought I would share some vintage photos of some of my family members who served in the military.

 My Great Grandfather Charles who served in World War I

My handsome Dad. About 1973.

 My dad's father, Jack. Served in the Navy during WWII

 My Grand uncle Jim. 

 My aunt Irene and her husband Bill. 

 Irene and Bill cute is her outfit?!

One more... My cousin said I look like her! I don't really see it, but I take that as a great compliment, she is beautiful!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Witchy Woman

Happy November y'all!

Halloween has come and gone. I am not huge into Halloween, but I did attend a party that was pretty fun. In case you are curious, I was a "Vintage Cigarette Girl", only I didn't have enough time to make my little tray, so no one really got it. Oh well. These things happen.

Over the past 2 months or so I have become increasingly infatuated with velvet. I am not talking about that horrible stretch crap that was super popular in the 80's and 90's, but real, honest to goodness soft, delicious velvet made of rayon and/or silk. Every time I go to the thrift store I keep my eyes peeled for velvety stuff and have begun amassing a collection for myself.

I wore two of my newly acquired velvet items the other day, and it ended up looking very late 30's film noir-y.

Please excuse my face in that one.

I am super obsessed with this miraculous fabric. It's incredibly soft an delightful and wonderful and amazing. You know what I would absolutely and entirely love? 1940's style pajamas made out of silk/rayon velvet. I know you're probably thinking, wow that sounds incredibly hot (as in temperature) and uncomfortable. Well, no, it's not. I accidentally fell asleep wearing this skirt which is nearly full length, and I slept wonderfully and woke up in a state that was neither cold nor hot. It was just right.

Being a proper 30's woman, I must have fur, and a hat!

I believe this skirt is 18% silk and 82% rayon, and the blouse/jacket is pure rayon. While they aren't a matched set, they look like they could be a suit. Both pieces are pretty modern. The skirt is cut on the bias, and the blouse has really awesome Victorian-ish looking details. There are a ton of pintucks, shirring, it buttons up the front, and has a cool drawstring lace collar. I wore it with really low wingtip heels that look 30's, but are also modern and vintage back seam stockings. Stockings which require a garter belt.

Can I just say that I kind of hate garter belts? I am not a fan. Perhaps it's because I have an ill-fitting one from Victoria's Secret that is really flimsy. Or perhaps it's because I'm tall, so I feel less secure in one. But it's probably just because they are annoying, and take forever to get all hooked into. Maybe I should look into getting another one. After all, I can't really wear back seam stockings without one, and I do love back seams :).

 In addition to these two items, I have also acquired another skirt, 2 jackets, and a pair of wide-legged trousers that are really short on me...drat my long legs! FYI, the pants were originally from Ann Taylor and still had a tag on them and retailed originally for $168!...I got them for $4!

So far everything I have is black, but that's fine because it's a basic color. I would really love to have some deep burgundy or forest green velvet items though.

Anyway, that's an outfit that makes me feel like I could be a really good sleuth. Which is a perfect feeling fitting for a breezy autumn afternoon.

I hope you had a lovely start to your November!