Saturday, February 25, 2012

First Post!

Hi all!  So I decided to start another blog.  The reason I say "another," is because I have quite a few blogs floating around the vast space that is the Interweb.  I never seem to be able to consistently post, but this ends now!  This blog is going to basically be everything.  Cooking, clothing, ideas, life, whatever that tickles my fancy.  About clothing, I am definitely a fan of vintage.  I am however a very curvy and very tall girl, so finding vintage to fit me is hard.  I have to try and find vintage inspired things.  That being said, I have a varied fashion sense.  At times vintage, other times very Avant Garde.  So I may post pictures of outfits, but they won't always be one or the other.  I also have an Etsy shop!  Feel free to visit it here, AbigailsVintageAttic.  I sell lovely vintage clothing and lingerie.  My sister Heidi also sells vintage on Etsy, and this is her shop, Fashion Bone

May your day be full of pleasant things :) 

This is a senior picture my talented sister Jaime took.

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