Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What A Day

Yes, I realize that it is morning, and how could I have an exciting day already?  No, this is actually going to be what happened yesterday, maybe if I feel up to it I will have more later.

So to start things off I had work yesterday.  It went fine, everything was good.  I left a little bit early because I had an orthodontist appointment.  Now, I  am currently in the process of getting braces.  All I thought they were doing today was remove some separators that I had in between my teeth.  Not so.  They put a palette expander in.  First of all, ouch, second of all, I talk like an idiot, and third of all, I pretty much can't eat anything that isn't put through a blender.  They say this only lasts a couple of days, or maybe a week, but we shall see.  I really hope so, because staring at food doesn't really do anything for me.  My birthday is coming up on Saturday, and it is usually tradition that I get to go out to any restaurant of my choosing for a birthday dinner with one of my parents.  I really hope I can eat something more than applesauce by then. So that was my first adventure of the day.

Now the second part.  My mom and I were driving to Newark (where she had a job,and I was going to visit a friend).  About 10 minutes out of Newark, the car breaks down.  Dies, and then overheats.  We manage to get pulled off the road enough so we aren't obstructing traffic.  We are just sitting there.  About 30 minutes later, a police officer pulls up.  He gives us a ride to the Wendy's that was close.  By the way, there is absolutely no leg room back there!  So we wait at Wendy's until the tow truck guy comes, and my mom and I ride with him to the car fixing place, where my dad meets us and takes us home.  It was quite an adventure, let me tell you.  Here's to hoping this day is very boring.

Hope your day is full of pleasant things :)

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