Saturday, April 6, 2013

Washer Woman

People must think I am a crazy person. "Look out world, here I come in a vintage house dress, ready to take you on!"

No, but really I went to the park in this to take pictures.

I was literally scurrying around the woods looking for good places to take photos because I didn't have anyone to take them for me. Plus, the lack of a tri-pod makes it even harder because I had to look for tree stumps and fallen logs the right height. I must have looked ridiculous. Good thing the only other people at the park were on the jungle gym and not taking nature walks crazy me.

The reason for this outfit is because I was getting things done! I had to do some laundry and I also thought I would tackle getting the stains out of the worst stained dress from the group of dresses I got yesterday.

I went about researching online for ways to get stains out of vintage clothing and saw that hydrogen peroxide might be a good place to start. I attempted that and it failed miserably. After scrubbing and scrubbing I just decided that maybe I should soak it. So I filled the tub with about 4" of water and left it in there for an hour. When I went back in to check on it, the water was dirty! I knew I was headed in the right direction, but when I picked up the beautiful pink dress, the stupid stains were all still there laughing at me. So I thought I would show them a thing or two.

I picked up a rag again and started at the stains with vigor, but to no avail. So after ten minutes or so I left it to soak again. Fast forward 2 more hours and the stains were still stuck on there like parasites. So I did what anyone else in my situation would do. I picked up the nearest cleaning thing and went at it. This just happened to be mild bar soap.And what do you know? It worked! Well, at least I think it did nearly all the stains came out. Now I just have to wait and see when it dries if I discolored those spots. I'm hoping I didn't.

This house dress is one of the ones from the estate sale. It's really great, but the print has a ton of color transfer and a few bad stains (which I will eventually work on).

 Cool tree from the park.


Silk Scarf (worn in hair) ~ Antique Mall
House Dress ~ Estate Sale
Shoes ~ Keds


  1. That housedress is so immensely pretty, anyone who would think you were crazy for wearing it to the park would be bonkers themselves! :) Seriously, it's just as timelessly pretty and sweet as one could ever dream of, and it looks fantastic on you. Very good job on capturing these outfit snaps yourself (and sans tripod to boot).

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your immensely sweet comment on my post this weekend, dear gal. Violets are a marvelous scent, I completely agree. Are you a fan of eating violets, too? I've tried a couple of classic violet candies over the years and really enjoyed them both (mind you, I tend to like the taste of flowers in general - roses are a favourite flavour of mine).

    1. :)

      As a matter of fact, yes, I have eaten them! My older sister, Jaime, is rather fond of violets and always has been. I think she made made violet jelly when I was little, and on the morning before her wedding we went out to a field near our house that was full of violets, and picked them fresh to adorn her wedding cake! I think her cake was 4 layers, and around each layer were violets.

      I also used to love eating pansies when I was younger, but we don't have them in our garden anymore.