Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Greetings from Las Vegas!

So you guys may know from my last post that I was going to Las Vegas...and I'm here! I flew in on Sunday morning. Here are a few pictures.

The outfit pictures were actually taken right before I left Ohio in the morning, about 6 am.As you may notice, I am wearing bright, new tennis shoes. The reason? Well, not only did I need them, as my old gym shoes were getting holes, but my reasoning was that if the plane had to crash land I could run to safety/to get help. Smart, I know.

This is my sister's view!

And the picture above is from the airport.

I am hoping to make a trip to one of the 2 Bettie Page stores here in Vegas. We went last year, but didn't stay very long (in my opinion, long enough would have been until I tried on everything in the store). :)


  1. What a gorgeous view your sister has - the landscape there looks fairly similar to one here in the Okanagan (though you'd be hard pressed to find grass that green outside of a golf course).

    Very cute outfit - the classic red, white and blue colour palette looks wonderful on you.

    Have fun at the Bettie Page store(s) - I've always wanted to visit one, too (especially since they've been out of stock on my dream item from them for at least a couple months now, and I'm holding out the hope that they might still be stocking it in stores - not that I'll likely get to one anytime soon, but still).

    That's so awesome that you found a patio dress! I just got my first (a long time wishlist item for me, too) earlier this year. It's dusty rose and silver - what colour(s) is yours?

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you so much :)

    The patio dress I got is khaki colored with brown and red sparkly ric-rac trim. I would really love to have a red or white or blue patio dress as well. What was your dream item they have out of stock? One of my favorites is the black jumper. It looks so flattering on everyone and is a really basic staple.