Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Pretty Party Dress

 Yay! My new dress is finished. I was going to wait until I had somewhere fancy to where it, but I just couldn't wait!

I think it turned out really well!

I got a book from the library a few weeks ago called, "The Party Dress Book" by Mary Adams. She is a clothing designer who specializes in dresses. It really inspired me. There happened to be a template pattern in the back already cut out in my size so I went for it.

If you like rigid instruction, you would probably not love it, but if you have general sewing knowledge, or like to do things your own way, then the pattern will probably work for you. The ruffle was added as an after thought because it was way too short for me (I knew it would be though because I was only working with a small amount of fabric; a fitted sheet).

The bodice does not have boning, but I lined the bodice with a light blue fabric. That's why it looks slightly two toned. The skirt is unlined. Thanks to my very adept mother, I have a lapped zipper instead of the intended centered back zipper. And then there are halter straps, and thats it! I personally loved the pattern (minus a few fit issues) because I have always been one to stray from directions. Like, really. In middle school, I tried to improvise while I played the flute. I knew how to read music, I just thought my way sounded better. Little did I know I was playing Jazz Flute a la Ron Burgundy.

Anyway, I am really excited to have a new dress. Sewing is extremely gratifying.

You can't really see the zipper, but my mom did a really great job with it!

Yay for sewing!

Have a great day :)

Dress ~ Made by me (using The Party Dress Book)
Keds wedges ~ Kohls a few years ago

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  1. Wowzers, girl, you're a head turning vision of loveliness in your fabulous new party dress! Love the fabric, cut and hem length. You look so cute and like you were having a blast taking these snaps.

    ♥ Jessica