Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Walk in the Woods

So this morning, I was awoken, as per usual, by my adorable dog asking me if she can go take her morning constitutional (actually it's more like she just barks her head off until I wake up, but that sounds much nicer). Anyway, it was about 8 in the morning, and I was tired, but the bright sun made me happy and not crawl back into bed like I normally would. It's strange, because Ohio has a nice forecast, while all around us, there are blizzards! Sending out safe wishes to all my east coast friends and family who were hit with all that snow!

I took her out, and got my self a bowl of cereal and decided to take her for a walk in the woods. There is a nice spot about a 3 minute drive away from my house, so I thought I could do an outfit post too. So I wrangled my mom and Roxie and we went over to the pretty little spot and had fun with my mom and puppy.

I love this shirt. I got it from Kohl"s last year and the print is cute little butterflies! I call it Roxie's shirt because she is a Papillon and it means "Butterfly" in French. How could I pass it up?!

The sun was really bright, and it was cold, but I was moving around quite a bit so I wasn't really too cold. Plus I was wearing pants for once! Hahaha.

I was reading a recent post by Gertie, and she talked about how she was wanting to be "cooler" and going through a style shift. I can totally relate. Only, with me, I dress in a lot of vintage, but I don't feel like it's something I always have to do. See, that's the beauty of the modern times, you get to wear vintage while looking at things on the internet, or even playing on  your smartphone. The fact is, it's not 1952 (as much as I wish it were)! We don't Have to do anything, and we don't owe anyone anything either. Make yourself happy! If you want to wear a flannel button down and leggings with boots one day, then circle skirt and sweater set with pearls the next, go for it. When you get down to it, fashion is personal, and personally, I am going to do what I want.  :)

I love my Minnetonka moccasins! This is my second pair, actually, my first pair were dark brown. I discovered that I should go down a size or a half size, they feel better snug, and they stretch a little to fit your feet.

Well, I have been feeling crafty lately, so I am thinking about cutting into one of my Butterick vintage reproduction patterns. I got 6 of them (including Gertie's wiggle dress and coat pattern!) a few weeks ago at JoAnns because they were on sale for $2!I don't have fabric though, so it would require a trip to the fabric store, and I should probably not be spending my money, so maybe I will do some embroidery or perhaps try to make a slip dress. I have been wanting to try and make one for a while now.

Have a great day y'all!


"Papillon" Blouse ~ Kohl's last year
Jeans ~ New York and Company
Shoes ~ Minnetonka moccasins

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