Friday, February 22, 2013

Hats Off to You!

Well hello there, sailor! I have not great quality photos again, because I couldn't manage to get any before the sun went down. I was just not going to do any pictures, but I really liked this outfit, and took a bit of time on my hair. This is the result of rag curls. You see, last night I watched the movie, "You'll Never Get Rich" with Rita Hayworth and I was loving the chorus girls curls! (By the way, it's a really cute movie, you should watch it!

Whenever I wear this hat,I also feel like I should be saying, "Hello Sailor!" hahah, I have no idea why, because doesn't even look nautical.

I went out tonight with two of my friends to the movies and we had a fun time. The movie we saw was not that great (Beautiful Creatures) but the costumes were pretty. During the movie I got up to go use the restroom and I got so many looks because two movies were just getting out. It's hard to fly under the radar as it is when you wear vintage, but when you wear vintage and happen to be 6'1", it's entirely impossible. So I just toss my head, hold it up high, and strut like I am on the runway. If they are going to look, I might as well give them a nice show!

This is one of my favorite dresses of all time! It fits me almost perfectly....if it were only about an inch or two longer in the waist, but it still fits very well. I just adore all the details (whoever made it sewed a metal bar across the low part of the neckline, so it would stay flat!). I think it's a late 40's piece because of the construction and the 16 gore swingy skirt.

Have a good weekend guys!

Navy 40's Dress ~Antique Mall in Columbus
50's Hat ~ Thrifted
Purple Shoes ~ Kohls

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