Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where In the World is Carmen San Diego?

Okay, so I am not Carmen San Diego. I am Abbi, but still, I just love saying that.

Anyways....I could (and fully intend to) give you all of the reasons (excuses) that I have been M.I.A. around these parts for almost 5 months. Gosh, written out that sounds like an incredibly long time. So, prepare yourself for a bit of a catching up. I warn you, this may be heavy on the words, but you will be rewarded with pictures at the end! Of a vintage style play suit I made and cake. So good. It shouldn't be missed. Without further ado, my explanation (cue your internal voice talking like Ricky Racardo, saying "Lucyyyy, you have some splainin to dooo!")

First off, the winter was like super intensely horrendous. Temps below 0 F? NO THANK YOU. Plus, my mother usually does pictures, and she absolutely detests cold weather of any sort. I also had my break and I wanted it to be a true break, but when I started back with school I had less free time than I did last semester. Also, I totally failed a class. Math, you are the bane of my existence I have never failed a class before, so this is a new thing for me. I hate it. I go through phases of hating and loving school, but why do they have to make me feel bad for not knowing what a differential equation...or how to find the linear speed of a circular saw...What even is that?! I can bake a chocolate cake that would make you swoon, and sew myself a whole entire dress, and identify nearly every plant in my area...but since I can't do math I will not be a success. Ugh. Lame. And there are a lot of other reasons. Likes dates with boys. So, there's that. 

Okay, so that wasn't so long now was it? Hopefully I get back into the swing of things. This play suit was part me and part my mom.. I made the top for the Sew for Victory Challenge. My mom made me these shorts a few months ago from a vintage pattern and I thought I would make a matching top for a play suit! I used Simplicity 1426  which is a 1950's reprint. It was very simple and quick.

Isn't is cute?

And here is the cake. So good. So very. very good.