Monday, December 8, 2014

The Norway Dress

So, if you regularly read my blog, you guys know that I went to Norway this summer. I told you that I bought a vintage dress while there for quite a steal. Let me tell you something about Norway (pretty much all of Scandinavia really), vintage there is almost impossible to find. Norway is an extremely wealthy country and since the majority of people have a good amount of money, used things are not exactly needed or wanted. When people are done with something (anything) they usually throw it out! Clothes are among the most widely discarded, so this dress was quite a find. There is a tear near the waist and a large spot on the back (that wouldn't come out....I am trying to think of ways to cover it up, bows maybe? hah).

I really love the dress. Even though it's a handmade Norwegian dress, it such an Americana vibe to it. Of course, Norway could claim the same thing because our three flag colors are the same! I paired it with seam stockings and an attempt at victory rolls.

I only got Victory Rolls right once, and never again. Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of that, so you will just have to take my word.

The shoes I am wearing with it were a Christmas present last year from my dear mum. I absolutely love the shape, but I have yet to really wear them because I need to take them to a cobbler, as the heel is a bit wobbly, and I don't want to ruin them!

There were originally 4 rows of buttons, but one fell off in the shop and I could not hunt it down. To solve that problem, I just popped the other one off, and they matched! I am a genius. Please call the people who determine the Nobel prize winner. I am sure I am deserving of that honor. You can see a bit of uneven color in the skirt, but it was much better after a wash. It's really comfy and perfect for baking, and running errands if I need to dash out quickly. Because we all know even a slightly shabby day dress is still better than flannel pajama pants.

I felt pretty sassy wearing this, and who wouldn't be I got a great price, it's adorable, and it fit. The trifecta, if you will.

Meanwhile, I have been baking up a storm. My latest creation, blueberry oatmeal drop biscuit cobbler. all of the yum.

I wish my food pictures would turn out better. I mean, that looks obviously delicious, but still. I guess I need a camera that costs more than $400 and a lightbox. And a studio too, let's just throw that in there too.

P.S. It's finals week, and if I don't do well on my final exams...I am in trouble. This semester I was trying to rescue my GPA from last year.

This is my life right now:

That is me trying to figure out what I need to meet a certain threshold. Of course I failed math last year, but when finals roll around I am a whiz. Go figure.