Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Some Dresses

Hey you guys!

It seems weird to come back to posting after such a long break, but I needed to break the silence! I thought now would be the perfect time as I have a few things to show off! Actually, I don't really need any excuses to show off, but still.

I finished my semester with excellent grades in the of my classes, and a C- in math, so also an awesome grade hahahaha. I spent the week after school was out with my sister for what we decided to call "Sewing Camp". My sister is not necessarily more advanced than I am at sewing, but I took time to learn a few things I did not know how to do. My house is pretty darn hectic most of the time, so it is hard for me to sew. My sister, on the other hand, has a whole sewing room! Anyway, I made 3 dresses, and helped my sister make one, so that's 4 dresses, plus a pair of wrap shorts that are sadly wayyy too small. Anyway, enjoy the pretty dresses, and hopefully I will be posting somewhat regularly again.

I am thinking of opening up another Etsy shop for handmade dresses. My inspiration would be pretty things, girliness, lace, ruffles, existing fabrics/textiles, and anything that tickles my fancy!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

These Boots Are NOT Matronly!

So, I had one of those moments that all vintage loving girls dream of this weekend. I found, despite allll the odds, one item that has been on my vintage wish list for such a long time: fur trimmed overshoes.

First off, I pretty much never see them. They are not a common item. If I do find them, they are usually a very tiny size. I don't have especially big feet, but a lot more women wear an 8.5 than a 6 (I believe) which means that size is going to get snapped up a lot quicker. And when I do happen to see a pair, they are usually listed at a price far above my humble means as a college student.

 (please excuse photo was getting dark and also my Dad took these lol).

(a pose I have seen in other blogs and almost necessary for this weather!)

So when I purchased these from a small antique shop of course I bought them you know why? Because they were in my size, the ideal look I was going for, and...they were $12!!!!!! 

Along with these I bought a pretty vintage book by Myrtle Reed (which reminds me, I should really do a post on her she lead a very interesting life), two silk scarves, and 2 vintage patterns. The patterns are very, very small so I am using them as more of inspiration if I get too scared of grading them.

You may be wondering about the post title. Well, when I was checking out the lady at the counter (who appeared to be in her early 50's) said that the boots looked matronly! Matronly! Can you believe that?! I just smiled and thought it was too bad she couldn't see me being all cute in them. Perhaps next time I go back, I shall wear them and she will see!

They are a tad worse for wear, as the rubber is cracked but perhaps a cobbler can fix that. We have one in town and I should really patronize him.

Oh!!! And I have some really exciting news! So I hopped on my Etsy yesterday and was looking at shop stats and saw that I had a record high number of views. I was highly confused and then saw that I had been linked to. I followed the link and it lead me to Swedish Elle! One of their bloggers, Elsa Billgren, linked to one of my dresses in a post titled "Svar på era kommentarer, del 10" which translates to something like "Replies to your comments, Part 10". Of course it's in Swedish but her blog is full of pretty pictures, and lots of fancy dress so I suggest you check her adorableness out :). The post is here

My shop here.
And the specific dress here

Hat ~ Vintage, thrifted
Red Sweater ~ Holly & Whyte for Lindex purchased in Norway
Skirt ~ (It's actually my felt poodle skirt worn backwards for this post!) 
Tights ~ Ummmmmm probably Macy's?
Overshoes ~ Antique shop

Hope all the northern hemishperers on the east coast are staying warm!! And I am oh so jealous of the Aussies right at this moment :)


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey all!

Today was Valentine's Day. Since I don't really have a significant other, I was alone. But not ALONE. My sister an her husband had me tag along. We went out for tapas and drinks then went to a cute little bakery and then a bit of window shopping at the mall. We deserve medals because it was bitterly cold. With the wind chill it was likely below zero.

Anyway, I dressed up (a bit) and had my sister take a few snaps. Unfortunately the pictures are a bit out of focus because of the blowing snow. Black isn't traditionally a Valentine's color, but I guess I am not exactly traditional.

 I am really good at an evil stare ;)

The little booties I got at Sears from Lands End. They were 50% off an I love the low wedge. They seem to have a retro vibe too. Now if only I could fashion some fur trim to go around the edges they would be perfect.

I will throw this photo in the mix too, it's me at tea, crying into my silk scarf (don't worry I was fake crying if it wasn't glaringly obvious).

Happy Valentine's!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Hahahaha, I am officially the worst.

Well....I know that isn't entirely true, but I keep neglecting my blog. I have started back up at school so things are a bit stressed on my end.

To keep things updated here are some pic's from the past month:

(Oh, and if you were concerned at all about me passing my classes last semester, I got two B's and an A :)

Baking Christmas cookies with my nephews :)

Some photos of me modeling for my sister and I's vintage shops 

Happy Tuesday!! (I guess it's technically Wednesday now oops)