Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baking Magic

Okay, well maybe it wasn't actually magic. Maybe it was actually chemistry. But still.

Today I walked by my pantry and saw 4 jars of peanut butter. That's right 4. Who even does that? We do. We are a peanut butter loving family. I also saw baking chocolate in the cupboard and thought to myself, "Self, you are going to make some peanut butter and chocolatey goodness today." And that is precisely what I did.

Took photographic evidence too of course :)

 Vintage Pyrex mixing bowl!

The apron is one I made for myself 2 years ago. When I was little I always wanted a pinafore like the one Alice wore in Alice and Wonderland......Only with more ruffles (hence my blog name, I always wants more ruffles!) This apron blends perfectly my love of Alice, 40's fashion, ultimate girliness, and baking.

I wish you could taste these through the screen. Absolutely divine. When I took a bite I made lots of noises and said "ohmygosh". That is when you know a recipe is a keeper.

Stay tuned for Norway trip post! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Summer Abroad

Well, hello!

Fancy meeting you here. No, really, you still come around this place? I feel like it is the internet equivalent of an old, dusty corner of an attic where no one goes and has not seen the light of day for more than 20 years. Or maybe that is just me being dramatic

Either way, I have spent my summer far and away, but now am settled back into more or less of a routine. For the chunk of my time spent away, I was in Las Vegas visiting my sister, Nikki (and my adorable new baby niece Charlotte). While is Las Vegas we also went to Arizona, near Phoenix, to visit my other sister, Jaime. And we also took a trip down to San Diego.

My sister's and I. Jaime on the left, Nikki on the right. Charlotte being cute.

 World's Tallest Thermometer in Baker California!

Hiking in Mt. Charleston (yes, this picture may have been the best one lol)

Sunset on the beach in San Diego :)

Me at a nightclub in Las Vegas (it's XS at Wynn...literally the # 1 nightclub in the world!)

I had tons of fun with my sisters! Going to the nightclub was actually really fun. I am usually the sit at home and read a book, or curl up with Netflix and a cup of tea type, but going out was nice for a change! I lot of people started talking to me, and I met some pretty interesting characters to say the least.

You will note a lack of vintage wardrobe in the post. That is because, despite all the lovely travel tips I have gotten from other lovely blogger ladies (including: Traveling Vintage by JaneyVacation Wardrobe by Frances, and lots of other lovely posts I to lazy to...track down) I just didn't feel up to it this time. Next time I have a trip I might try it (at least with some things) but when I am on vacation mode, I don't feel like doing a whole lot of laundering. 

I did manage to make a vintage top right before I left though :)

It's a vintage swimsuit top that seemed like a perfect summer top! I used a vintage pillow case, some lace, and red buttons. 

I also went to somewhere else this summer....NORWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

More on that in another post though! I will try to do some more vintage outfit/inspiration posts in the meantime. To lure people back in to reading this for what it was originally intended, then bam! Make them read about my fabulous trip to Norway Muaahahahahahah! It's foolproof I tell you. Only now I am a fool because I just told you. Blast! My plot has been foiled. Oh well. I trust at least someone will still be around.

Ta-Ta for now! 
Abbi :)