Monday, December 3, 2012

A December Rose

Today was wonderful :)

The weather was amazing...and very eerie at the same time. Ohio is known for it's crazy, ever-changing weather, and today did not disappoint. It is the 3rd of December, and today it was nearly 70 degrees and balmy outside. It was mostly cloudy, but in the afternoon the sun broke through! I saw a little rose bush that was blooming and thought how very strange for roses to bloom in December. The poor dear must be confused.

My focus on my camera would not cooperate with me, but it's no matter as you can see the rose just the same. I actually did my hair today...that is I spent more than 2 minutes on it. I took sections near the base and made two braids on either side, then crossed them over my head to make a self headband. Then I put the rest of my hair up. If I had more bobby pins handy, it would have looked ever so much more ethereal, but I think the effect was nice. As it was, it only took me less than 10 minutes, so not too shabby. 

This picture doesn't really show the hair all that well, but you can get the general idea I'm sure.

 Right now I have my hair in pin curls. I decided to do it after checking the weather and seeing it was going to be relatively nice tomorrow. I suppose now that I told you I will have to post a picture of it tomorrow, but it may turn out dreadfully. Here's to hoping it doesn't. 

And now I think I shall end with a recent favorite verse of mine:

All precious things discovered late
To those that seek them issue forth,
For Love in sequel works with Fate,
And draws the veil form hidden worth.
~Alfred Lord Tennyson

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