Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's A New Dawn, It's A New Day

I love mornings. That's probably a bit ironic as I sit here at my computer late at night eating everything bagel thins and drinking chamomile tea. Or maybe fitting, seeing how it is technically the morning. Mornings are just so full of possibility; one can hold so very much. I often wonder (as I typed that I realized what a cliche it was, but I still like it so there) why it is I feel so empty after it gets dark, especially during the winter. I think it is why I stay up so trying to get something out of the day, even if it is just finding out an interesting fact, or watching Mad Men or Once Upon a Time on Netflix. But I thin the real reason that I stay up is'll never guess...I slept in late. So is the viscous cycle that is my sleeping pattern. Whenever I wake up late, I feel of cheated out of the best part of the day, so then I stay up late trying to gain back what I lost, but mornings simply cannot be replaced. I know I never get as much done, or even half as much, in the evening or nighttime as I can in the morning. It's a breath of fresh air. 

I guess you can gather that I am morning person, but by way of bad habits and not a very strict work schedule, I fall into a pattern that suggest I am lazy, or a night owl. I usually start yawning around 10, but my normal bedtime is around 1 or 2 am, and in April and May I was going to sleep around 3 or 4 (that was mostly due to the fact that I had left my job and kept getting seasons of TV shows from the video store. I am not sure if I was depressed or just really liked not having to be at work before 8 in the morning. It also didn't help that the TV didn't usually free up until 11 or 12).

So, in conclusion to this somewhat rambling post,I am decidedly a morning person. 

Here is a picture I took about 2 months ago of a sunrise, and then one of the sunset for good measure. Sunrise was taken in my front yard,and sunset in my backyard (it is just lovely to have an East/West facing house).

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