Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Very Blustery Day

I love the word blustery. It makes me happy. However, when it's below freezing and blustery it does not make me happy. But I do love a good warm blustery spring day.

With wind chill factored in, it was a whopping 18 degrees outside. I have a ton of pictures for this post because I was having way too much fun with my camera's self-timer.

Unfortunately I don't have a tri-pod, so I have to put my camera on something. Here, it's propped up on the fence.

I wore this running errands. I had to go the post office and grocery store today. I always feel like I accomplish more when I wear a nice outfit.

Usually my mom (or someone else I can rope into it) takes the pictures, but the house was pretty empty today.

This is an outfit I have never worn before because the skirt is new (hahaha, well new to me). I found it thrifting a few weeks ago and it looked too small but i bought it anyway because I am crazy. It ended up somewhat fitting, but was still too tight for comfort....And then I noticed something awesome.

Someone had taken it in! So I promptly took it out and now it fits wonderfully! I am calling it my good lucky skirt because the previous owner lost weight, maybe some will rub off on me :)

I have had this blouse for about 6 years. I remember wearing it for my final speech in speech class freshmen year. I wore it with wide leg pin striped grey slacks and ballet flats. And I killed my speech. I never understood why people didn't like that class, I absolutely adored it!

Also, I am kind of confused about this hat. It looks 30's or 40's, but I really don't know a time frame. It's just the cutest bonnet-style hat. I wear it slightly crooked so the back is to the side on my head rather than at the back of it.

This outfit has an adventurer vibe to it. I felt like a female Indiana Jones when I was wearing it. Don't you just love clothes that make you feel like you can be anything? It's the best. I'm a paleontologist, or an archaeologist, or a sleuthing reporter!


Cardigan ~ Thrifted
Bow Blouse ~ Forever XXI
40's/50's Skirt ~ Handmade vintage (thrifted)
Boots ~ Macy's (Zoe & Luca)

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  1. You look so fancy.. love it with the red cardigan.