Friday, March 8, 2013

Antiquing and Such

Hey y'all!

In case you were wondering I had a great birthday. Full of chocolate cake and good wishes, and finally a pair of lace up boots! (something that has been on my want list for quite a long time now). 

Then the next day my best friend took me out to a fancy diner, bought me a new purse, and made me an awesome card...if I was a little more emotional I probably would have cried. I meant to dress up and be really fancy for my birthday, but that didn't really happen, and I forgot to take any pictures, but I have a few from the antique mall. I am spending the week (Spring Break) with my sister and on the way back to her house we decided to stop at one of the antique malls in Springfield. Unfortunately I am really broke right so I didn't get anything, but it was a fun time.

Oh yeah, I also got a new pair of glasses! I usually take mine off for pictures, but I like these a lot better than my last pair, so I will probably be wearing them more often in pictures. They aren't quite as Catty as I hoped, but I think they look nice and the tortoise shell better suits my complexion and hair than my old black ones.

 Really cool clock that was only $15,000, no big deal.

This was an old phone booth...without the phone.

My new birthday boots!

And this hat was really funny! I love the flower streamers. Too darn cute.

The dress is one I wear often, but don't particularly like. I know it doesn't make much sense, but it's easy because it's soft cotton, and the waistband is stretchy so it's super comfy. I do think the print is kind of cute though. It's tropical flowers and really funny looking parrots with weird hair.

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