Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wishing for Spring

I really love my new boots. They are just what I have been looking for. And they were meant to be with me. Just wait til I tell you the story.

Listen my children and you will hear
Of a girl who found her perfect boots, my dear.

Hah. My poetry skills are not the best.

It happened like this. I have been scouring stores in my area for the perfect lace up boot all this season, but nothing really caught my eye, or if it did, it was $500. What can I say, I'm a girl with expensive tastes. Anyway, for my birthday, my mom wanted to get me boots so we went to Macy's. I looked all around the boot section, but it was sorely lacking because they were clearing the way for the spring collections. Then I saw her. A lone boot in a sea of lack luster clearance items. To my displeasure, it was marked a 6 1/2 and I wear an 8 1/2. In a last ditch effort I went to the customer service counter to see if they had anymore, but unfortunately that was the last pair. Then the nice lady volunteered to look up and see if they had any at any other other locations. They had one single pair in my size in the whole entire state of Ohio. And guess what? It was the second closest Macy's to our house. However, it was late at night and they were closing, so my mom asked them to hold it until the next day.

 Well, the next day came and I was out of the house, and when I came back I asked my mom if she had been to Macy's. She told me she had but that they let the shoes go in the morning. Gasp! Some same size foot lady who was probably not very appreciative of such an awesome pair of boots carted my babies off. Oh well, you can't win them all...

Except! My mom is sneaky and actually bought them, but decided to surprise me. Hehehehe. Silly mommy tricks are for kids. So now I have my perfect lace up boot. :)

This dress is one I found thrifting. It appears to be a 40's or early 50's cotton feedsack dress. It may not be a feedsack dress, but the print seems indicative of one. It's obviously handmade, with pinked seams, a sweetheart neckline, and really cute carved plastic buttons. It's a princess seamed dress with no waistline, so to define the waist, they made a wide-ish fabric belt.

The stockings are also a thrifted item. I almost didn't look at the hose, but I figured I might as well because why not? And I was rewarded with a pair of deadstock seamless stockings. These stockings are super shiny. When I put them on my sister thought I shined my legs up. Hah. I love the black band, but it makes them a bit more conspicuous. But I suppose that if I am lifting my dress up, I am not exactly being inconspicuous.


And here is me awkwardly jumping and looking like I am chewing a lemon. For your enjoyment. 


40's Dress ~ Thrifted
Stockings ~ Thrifted
Purple Slip ~ Thrifted
Garter Belt ~ Thrifted
Boots ~ Zoe & Luca (I just googled this brand, and this was their first season in existence) 

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