Thursday, May 2, 2013

Black and Red

Hello again!

I know I have not posted in over two weeks, but things have been crazy. Not to make anyone sad or anything, but one of my dogs passed away, Paulie. We got him when he was about 6 or 8 months and had him for five years. He slept with me every night in my bed and was the laziest dog I have ever met. He loved to curl up in spots of sunshine and snooze away all afternoon.  I spent the whole day in tears and I will miss him terribly.

So I've been distracted lately and that's why I have been neglecting the blog.

 This outfit is actually from yesterday. I had to go to the school I am transferring to and meet with my adviser. I was up bright and early and got lots of things done in the morning.

It was nearly 80 degrees yesterday, so of course I wore a black wool sweater. Thanks to the short sleeves, though it really was not too bad. I am really excited that classes are almost over! I have one final on Saturday and then I am done and have the whole summer ahead of me.

black and red outfit

Now I will update you a little on my healthy eating. Today is day 17 of no sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy. I still feel pretty good and lost a little weight. I am definitely cooking way more than I used to, which I surprisingly enjoy. 

And the violets are finally here! Yay!

Hope you have a good day!


Sweater ~ United Colors of Benetton 
Patio Skirt ~ Thrifted (I recently discovered that the maker of the skirt made patio sets, so somewhere out there in the wide world is a top for this! I would love to find it someday)
Shoes ~ Kohls


  1. I just have to say how tremendously lovely your curls are here, dear gal (wonderful part line placement, too). That skirt is just fantastic as well - it makes me want to head someplace south of border.

    ♥ Jessica