Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey all!

Today was Valentine's Day. Since I don't really have a significant other, I was alone. But not ALONE. My sister an her husband had me tag along. We went out for tapas and drinks then went to a cute little bakery and then a bit of window shopping at the mall. We deserve medals because it was bitterly cold. With the wind chill it was likely below zero.

Anyway, I dressed up (a bit) and had my sister take a few snaps. Unfortunately the pictures are a bit out of focus because of the blowing snow. Black isn't traditionally a Valentine's color, but I guess I am not exactly traditional.

 I am really good at an evil stare ;)

The little booties I got at Sears from Lands End. They were 50% off an I love the low wedge. They seem to have a retro vibe too. Now if only I could fashion some fur trim to go around the edges they would be perfect.

I will throw this photo in the mix too, it's me at tea, crying into my silk scarf (don't worry I was fake crying if it wasn't glaringly obvious).

Happy Valentine's!


  1. Happy Valentine,s are looking very beautiful.

  2. Happy Valentine,s are looking very beautiful.

  3. You look so exquisitely pretty! I love the combination of soft cream, inky blue and icy white from the snow. There's almost fairly tale quality to that combination, especially when timeless styles like these are involved. Stunning Valentine's Day ensemble, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica