Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pink Poodles!

Remember when you were a little kid and there was a certain costume that you were just dying to have? Yes? Well, for me that costume was a poodle skirt with those cute saddle shoes. A vintage "soda shop girl." I was to destined to love vintage :). Anyway all through elementary and up to middle school I wanted to have one so very very badly. But it hadn't happened by freshman year of high school, so I dropped the notion and resigned myself to never having a poodle skirt.


A few months ago, I found the absolute cutest black felt circle skirt with pink poodle appliques! I had intended to put it in my shop because the waist was 29" and my waist is a larger 33" (maybe a New Year's resolution will change that). Yesterday I got it out to list, but my love of dress up gave way to me trying it on, and color me surprised, it fit! I was absolutely thrilled. I suppose the wooly felt fabric is more forgiving than I thought.

The shirt was actually part of my Halloween costume last year. I was a pink poodle! I made cuffs for my ankles and wrists, a pink fur mini skirt, pink tights, and even made a poodle eared hat. I took a basic fitted pink t shirt and sewed the pink around the collar. It was my "ruff." I will have to post a picture of it sometime.

Sorry for the lower quality photos, but the sun had just gone to bed, so I had to work with incandescent light.

"She did what?!"

 I think this one looks rather pin-up-y.

 Back view of hair. I did "victory roll pin curl" for this set. My hair cut is really unprofessional, so it looks kind of scraggly right now, but I want it to be a little longer before I get a decent trim. I swept the sides up for a little volume and pinned the front hair for added volume as well.

 Here is a closer view of the appliques! Aren't they darling?


I hope you enjoyed my pink poodles! I enjoy them immensely.They make me so very happy :). It's literally an abandoned dream come true.

Poodle skirt- Antique Mall on High Street (Columbus)
Shirt- Thrifted, and upcycled by me
Petticoat- Etsy
Hat- Can't remember
50's Dance Shoes- Goodwill!


  1. You are adorable, girl! Loving these pictures!
    xo TJ

  2. This outfit is just too gorgeous, love your vintage style!