Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Beehive... And a Gibson Girl

Recently a song that I have been playing pretty much non-stop is "Gypsy" by Shakira. It inspired my outfit, along with Jane Fonda. I also recently watched the movie, Period of Adjustment (1962) starring Jane Fonda. The whole movie takes place mostly in one day and covers what the "period of adjustment" is like for newlywed couples. She has a really awesome hairdo it in, and I love her shirt.

I knew I had a shirt somewhat similar hiding in my closet, so I dug around and found it. It has no shirring, and buttons up the front, but the neckline and sleeves are similar. Unfortunately the top is very short, so the skirt I wanted to wear with it didn't work, but the gypsy aspect led me to a short wrap skirt that's part of a playsuit set that a friend bought for me on a cruise when we were in high school. 

I was too late for natural light again, so again I have slightly grainy photos.

 I know it's the middle of January ,but I wasn't going to need to leave the house today, so I paid no heed to the weather conditions.

 I went barefoot today because I was in the house and it fit with the whole "gypsy" vibe.You can also see Roxie made a cameo appearance.

 Now for the hair. My hair always looks better in person, but here are a few pictures to give you any idea.

 back view

 To do my hair this way, I started with curls. I just slept on yesterdays hair because my hair is naturally curly, so the curl holds overnight.I took out my "bangs" and back-combed large sections of hair until there was a ton of volume. A lot of people use lots of products in their beehives, but I only used a small spritz of hairspray at the end, so mine isn't quite as voluminous as others. Then I smoothed the top hair slightly with a comb and pinned it into place while pushing up, so I didn't lose the volume. I much prefer this looser curly version to the sleek beehives.It's much more Brigitte Bardot-y. :)

As I was combing out my teased hair, I realized it was too good to pass up doing something to I did. I did a Gibson girl style (a very loose interpretation of course) and took a few pictures. Hehehe, I kind of love it.

 It's very Anne of Green Gables, don't you think? The red hair helps the image of course.

Also, I made a chocolate cake, a generous piece of which I am enjoying right now. Enjoy your evenings everyone!


  1. What a fun skirt! And Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorite movies growing up. Whenever I was sick I would watch that with my mom, so obviously I love the hair too ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Your hairdo in the silky gown is SO glam! Totally AOGG!