Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Plight of the Oddly Shaped

Women are so vastly different. Buying clothing from stores is frustrating sometimes because it is hard to come up with shapes and styles to fit every body. Even with specialized sections like petites and talls it's still hard.

Fit issues, for me, have been a problem my whole life. When I was a young child (from about 3-9) I was extremely thin and a little on the tall side. My mom had to buy pants from the "slim" section, and even those would fall off. It seemed I was destined to be naturally willowy. But that all changed in 5th grade. I hit puberty early, and fast. I was the only 5th grader in my entire school who had boobs. I wore a 34 B when I was ten and eleven. Not only did that happen, but I gained quite a bit of weight in my face and tummy as well. And along with puberty came a huge growth spurt and I was towering above all the girls and boys. Good thing for me I was never the type prone to low self esteem or depression because I was quite an odd looking duck. In 5th grade I also experienced one of the worst things ever...I had to start shopping in the women's section. I was in denial at first, but I finally gave in when my pretty shirts from Limited Too started to look more like sausage casings and less like pretty shirts. 

All through middle school not much changed. I was chubby and very tall. Around freshman year of high school my weight re-positioned into more of an hourglass shape than an apple, and I had finally stopped growing at 6'1". I never really regained my thinness, I am a definite full hourglass, even though my wrists and ankles are very thin.

A lot of people say that hourglasses look good in almost everything. Well that isn't true at all. If you aren't wearing something that accentuates your waist, you can very well appear larger than you actually are. For me, not only am I an hourglass, but I am also tall. Not just tall, but unusually tall. Most girls over 5'8" consider themselves tall, and maybe they are, but that just make me extra tall. Most tall items that stores carry are still a little on the short side for me. And a lot of the styles I like (vintage/vintage reproduction) don't even have tall sizes available. *sigh*

So what's a tall, hourglass shape like me to do? Or any other non cookie-cutter size for that matter. I would say the est thing would e to make your own clothes. Now I know a lot of women don't really know how to sew, let alone own a sewing machine. But it is really not all that difficult. If you want to learn how I suggest taking a few classes at Jo-Ann's or finding someone in your area who knows how to sew and ask them to give you a few lessons. Personally, I am kind of self-taught, but having a mother and older sister who sew has helped quite a bit. And if it's an expensive sewing machine stopping you, don't let it. If you want to make a good investment a quality machine is great. But you can find great machines at thrift stores, garage sales, or estate sales. I have 2 machines. One was given to me by mother, a 60's or 70's Singer model. And my other machine is another Singer from the 50's with it's own desk. It also came with all the original attachments and accoutrements. It was $75 at a church garage sale, but since I was volunteering at the sale, they gave it to me for $10, which was so very sweet.

Or maybe you simply won't be swayed, There are plenty of seamstresses out there! Find one to make a garment for you. Some people balk at the prices, but the quality is going to be much better, last longer, and fit better than anything else you own. Definitely worth it. And really the price isn't too bad.

If it's vintage clothing you are longing for and can never find anything to fit,I highly recommend the seller on Etsy, TimeMachineVintage. I have been ogling her stuff for months! I don't have the money right now, but eventually I would like to order something from her. Her work is amazing! She can take any vintage pattern and make it to fit you to a T.

All images from TimeMachineVintage on Etsy.

Anyway, hope I have given you something to think about. I am not advertising for her or anything, I just really like her stuff :).

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