Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Jacket

So, as everyone probably knows, the frigid, arctic, terribly cold weather is still here. Booo! I suppose one benefit to colder weather is the fabulous coats and stockings you can wear.

Speaking of which....

So about a week ago I was at a thrift store, but only had a limited amount of funds. I came across a coat that was really cute, but alas, I did not have quite enough money. So I thought I would wait till I had some more money and then go back and see if it was still there. I was pretty sure it would not be there because it had been a few days, but I went anyway, and to my surprise, it was there! Along with another lovely coat that I bought intending it for my shop.

It's probably from the 70's, but has a very 40's feel to it. With the swing style, the buttons, the fur, and the hood!

In case you were concerned/curious, I wasn't very cold. I know my legs look partially bare, but I was wearing pale pink tights under the lack open-work tights. I actually went to the theater tonight with my friend Caitlin and her family to see a movie that she was an extra in. They filmed the opening scene on location at the Ohio State Fair, and she got to be a pageant contestant. You can actually clearly see her for about 5 seconds!! It was pretty exciting, hopefully she will remember me when she is famous. The movie was called "Parker." Not exactly my type of movie (R rated action flick with tons of gore and cursing) but it was a good time. Especially when our group saw her and all cheered for her.

I blow dryed my hair here. I hardly ever use heat or product on my hair, but I just felt like blow drying it today.

The dress is also 70's with a 40's vibe, but it was probably made for a petite woman, so it looks totally different on me.

As much as I hate the cold, the snow does make for some pretty pictures!

Have a good night :)

Dress- Thrifted
Black tights- Gift from my sister Jaime
Pink Tights- H&M
Heart Necklace- souvenir from a middle school field trip
Gloves- Antique shop

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