Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red Coat

If you have visited my blog before you will notice that most of my outfits are vintage or vintage inspired, and while I love the look, fit, and feel of vintage, I also greatly enjoy a lot of modern fashions. Most vintage bloggers out there (I said most, not all!) dress either exclusively in vintage, vintage reproduction, or outfits that have a decided vintage flair. If I had an unlimited budget, I still don't think I would dress exclusively in vintage, although I know I would do it much more often. Some people may say it's hypocritical or that I am not really into it "all the way." Well let me just say this; an oft resounding answer to the question "why do you wear vintage" receives answers like, it fits me better, I prefer the look, or it's better quality and it lasts longer. And my answer to why I also enjoy modern fashion is the I like how it looks. Granted, for a taller gal finding clothes anywhere is a chore, but if I find something that fits me really well, I am most likely going to like it. Whether it's a rayon dress from the 40's or a pair of skinny jeans. I just love clothes!

I would say that right now 1/3 of my clothes are vintage or vintage inspired fashions. Anyway, I just wanted to get off that off my chest.

Here is what I wore today. It was very gloves were vintage though.

 Haha, That fence is 6 feet.
 P.S. I am terrible at posing (if it wasn't already blatantly obvious).

 I think I got this coat 3 years ago. It is the coat I wear basically all the time, unless I am going to the gym or something. I think people are drawn to the red because I get compliments nearly every time I wear it. Today at the library at school multiple people came up and asked for help, even though it was obvious I didn't work there.

Coat- New York & Company a few years ago.
Pants- Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Boots- Madden Girl
Scarf- Gift
Gloves- Vintage Lazarus kid skin gloves (thrifted)

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  1. I can't afford vintage! Besides a few cheap polyester dresses, the really nice pieces (well made, nice fit and good fabric) are hellishly expensive, in London at least.